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We're all about swagger and bold, audacious claims--as long as we could substantiate them for Legal. It was our job to push the boundaries.

Solving our 'Big' Problem

Our biggest challenge was what I called our 'big' problem. We were the only company named industry leaders by one or two analysts, but nine. Every year. Symantec was literally a 'one stop shop' for all your cyber security needs. 

We actually ran this, but it would've looked nice 25 feet high at SFO.

Russian Cyber Security Company Kneecap Campaign

  One of our competitors ran afoul of the US Congress and 

were on the ropes. We came up with this campaign

on the theme of: "Does your Endpoint Protection Speak Russian?" 

C Suite loved it. Legal? Meh. 

I am an Endpoint

Endpoints are the most pervasive points of vulnerability. Yet in security, we talk about devices rather than the people or things tethered to them. This concept is a way of elevating what's at stake.